Timeless Greenville SC Baby Photographer : 6 Month Old Marin

Meet Marin: quite possibly the cutest 6 month baby girl I have ever seen.
Timeless Greenville SC Baby Photographer

Her perfect pixie hair.

Greenville SC Studio Baby Photographer Baby girl in cute blue sweater set

Her drooling teething stage.

Greenville SC Baby Photographer

Her playful insistence on being allowed to move around. (Beautiful head wrap by Flawless Fashions & Gifts.)

Greenville SC 6 Month Old Baby Photographer

Her precious and fierce reaction when she got a little hungry and did not like being forced to stay in one place.

Greenville SC Naked Baby Studio Photography

Her love for the soft texture of my favorite blanket.

Spartanburg SC Studio Baby Photographer

Sigh… Marin, you were just delightful.

I get asked all the time if rocking all these newborns to sleep makes me want another baby. The answer to that is a solid no.  I love cuddling newborns, but I struggle with functioning on little to no sleep.  I happy to hand those precious babies back to their mommies.

But this 6 month to 12 month old baby phase…. now this tempts me to have another. Or maybe adopt half a dozen.  Oh, how I love being a being a Timeless Greenville SC Baby Photographer for these precious babies and just celebrating who they are becoming.

Greenville SC Baby and Mommy Photographer

They way Marin looks at her mommy in adoration.  Greenville SC Laughing Baby Photography

The way she plays and smiles and is just so fun of personality.

These brief phase is the golden age of babyhood. These giggles, tears, smiles, and playful curiosity… oh, please, treasure ever single second. Cuddle that sweet teething baby and know it’ll all fade too fast.  Cliche advice, I know, but it’s so true!

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Baby plan customers receive 2 sets of 25 cards with their session fee perfectly suited for either birthday party invitations or Christmas cards.  They’re also able to use pictures from every session to create a keepsake album of all those special moment in the first two years.

Curious 6 Month Old Greenville SC Baby Photography

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