Toddler Activity of the Week: Ballet

We’re trying new activities over here and auditioning a couple of sports trying to find a fit to teach the girls some great life skills.

This week: Ballet

The teacher put down spots. The girls were familiar with these and actually stayed with them.  One problem: the girls were separated by two classmates.  Bronwyn waited a bit and then picked up her spot and moved it right next to her sister.  Beautiful strong willed loyal Bronwyn.

Ballet instructions were followed. They plied, grand jeted, and twirled around the room. (They were really upset that they didn’t have the proper shoes). The wore their tutus and laughed when Sedryn tried to join the open room multiple times! (I think ballet may be a good sport for his meticulous nature. Ha!)

Their teacher Mrs. Lindsay was amazing!  Beyond amazing.  Patient. Fun loving.  Fast paced.  Gentle.  Didn’t even mind herding cats.  Between the two classes, Mrs. Lindsay was the obvious choice for me.  She loved teaching and she loved her students.  Oh, how I wanted her to be the hero they chose to teach them in these early years.

But the girls, they like gymnastics best.  The craziness and the varied nature.  The tumbling and climbing and bouncing.  So soon that’ll be where they stick their landing and take a few classes to learn life skills disguised with fun and nap inducing physical activity.