Toddler Activity of the Week: Be Present

Sometimes I think I’m missing the point with these activities.

What is the point? To play with my kids or to teach them or to just be with them!

I honestly didn’t do a planned or structured activity last week.  But I have tons of great “just be” type moments and I’ll share a few with you.  This is real life everyday in our house.

Teaching A & B to pull on their new Keen shoes.  (They’re kind of tricky after a life spent wholly in Mary Jane type shoes)

Reading all 10 of the library books in the house in one sitting.

Cuddling a sweet Bronwyn who is only scared of thunder when Daddy is not in the room.

All three of us doing silly things to make Sedryn laugh.

Cleaning up a mixed up pile of puzzle pieces… multiple times!  Talk about a game of Memory!


Talking about what they were drawing.

Hanging out on the “animal” aisle at Hobby Lobby identifying animals.

Talking about Emperor Penguin brood patches and babies.  Even walking around with balls on our feet like they were our eggs.

Creating a new family tradition: Tortilla Lunch Sundays (where the girls hand make tortillas with daddy and I figure out what to fill them with!)

It was just a good week full of toddler fun!