Toddler Activity of the Week: “Cha-reeess!”

Everytime daddy walks in the door he’s greeted by two wiggly blond girls.  If they’re not already sitting at the table, they will tackle his legs.  Lately, the tackling has been a little viscious…. followed by Aeraling demanding: “Daddy, climb Cha-rees!!!”

They beg me to climb trees all day, but I refuse to boost them up in the tree while I’m home alone.  I have three little lives to balance and having to haul two wiggly screaming kiddos out of the tree to go in and nurse Sedryn doesn’t seem very safe to me.

But Daddy… daddy can climb trees with these girls all afternoon.  And really, it’s one of the cutest things ever: listen to Aeralind’s running commentary.