Toddler Activity of the Week: Cloud Dough

Cloud dough?

What on earth is cloud dough?!

That’s what I said too.

It was easy enough to make: 4 cups flour to 1/2 cup oil.

So I tossed it together and put it in a plastic bin on the back porch.

I could hardly keep my hands out of the stuff while mixing it together.  If you squeeze it, it keeps that form until pressed on again.  It feels like soft sand.  It was so soothing.

Apparently the girls thought the same thing.

They played with the stuff on the back porch while it drizzled rain


I couldn’t believe it.

We had a playdate the next day.  Just a picnic in someone’s backyard.

I bought two bags of flour worth.  I filled a swimming pool.

All these kids couldn’t keep their hands out of it either.

And they played quietly and kindly.  Rare for this age group.

Do yourself a favor: go make some cloud dough for your toddlers right now.  Just make sure you keep this outside… or on a huge tablecloth.  🙂