Toddler Activity of the Week: Crayons

I have toddlers: therefore, I have broken crayons.  A lot of broken crayons.

I set the girls to sorting them into color groups which was hysterical.  They can name all their colors… but sorting them was way too distracting.  Bronwyn was hoarding her two muffin cups with a vengeance and just tossing whatever she could find in there.  Aeralind was sprinkling her favorite blue in every cup she could reach including “Bronwyn’s”.  Hysterical, I tell you!
I popped these in the oven and baked them with dinner.  They came out cute and pretty.

The girls of course don’t want to color with them.  They’re not precise enough.  Ha!  But I’m pretty sure Sedryn will be all over them in a matter of months.