Toddler Activity of the Week: Gymnastics

We’re trying a couple of sports the next couple weeks.

Now I’m not a push my kiddos into sports and hope they win an Olympic medal kind of mother. (Though if one of my kids had both that gifting and that motivation, I would support as best as I could.)  However, my girls aren’t in any type of formal education setting.  They’re not learning to walk in a line, to wait their turn, follow instructions from a trusted adult, or to cheer on a friend.  I want them to learn these things and in a fun environment, so I asked for lessons from the grandparents for Christmas.

Most places let you do a free trail class.  So we jumped on that to allow the girls to pick their lesson of choice.

First up: Gymnastics.

Derek and I almost died laughing watching our girls learn to adapt to the classroom structure.  Aeralind obeyed and stayed on her spot, but just couldn’t figure out what the teacher was doing or how to do it herself… until the teacher had moved on to the next activity.  Bronwyn just ignored her spot and went about doing whatever she felt like in a sort of over giddy way.  And that was just the warm up stretches! Ha!

By mid class they were following complicated instructions (do a cartwheel over this bump, a forward roll down this mat, bounce on the ball to and back to these lines, wait to do a back handspring, and repeat!) with relative ease.  Looks like our mission would be accomplished.

Aeralind actually cried when we left the gym because she wanted to walk on the high beam (believe me… she’s fully capable of doing it too, right Chanwey?).