Toddler Activity of the Week: Montessori Flower Arranging

Generally, I like Montessori-based toddler activities.  With a degree in Outdoor Leadership (previously called Outdoor Experiential Education), I have an intense love for learning through doing.  Montessori combines the best experiential learning with an element I love called practical life.

Most practical life activities are just that: washing dishes, sweeping, pouring water from a teapot, and washing hands are some examples that we’ve done and loved.

But there was one practical life activity that always had me raise my eyebrows:
Flower Arranging.

But then the girls made vases for Mother’s Day at the Children’s museum and daddy taught them how to pick flowers for me.  Next thing I know, the girls are loving a flower arranging afternoon in the back yard.

Maybe it’s not such a crazy activity after all.

And yes… that is my dandelion garden in the backyard.  I think it’s naturally beautiful… or at least very natural :-p