Toddler Activity of the Week: Playing in the Rain

Sometimes life gets fussy.  You know… when you’re doing the same old thing and it stops working but you keep doing it anyway?  It’s time for change and you’re not ready for it.  It’s those times when I need someone to push me.  This rainy afternoon… I did just that.

I pushed both fussy (tired of being in the house) girls right out the back door and into the rain.

There was a bit of uncertainty at first.

Then joy over how the chalk worked differently in the rain.

The over to their water slide and pool.

Shortly after this image, they stripped down (my girls hate being “wet” or “dirty”… I’m not sure how they think naked improved on that condition?).

I passed their rain coats out the door and sent them down to the puddle.

Uncomfortable? yes.
Delightful in the end? yes.

Oh, that I would remember this about change in motherhood and relationships in general.