Toddler Activity of the Week: Playing with the Baby

Last week we didn’t really do anything (I was busy joint compounding a new wall and generally cleaning up from my in-laws stay/construction help), but this week we’ve already done two really fun things.  So I thought I’d share one with you now.

Having 3 at different ages is tough.  Up until recently Sedryn and the girls have pretty much mutually avoided each other.  Sedryn avoids the girls because their idea of protecting him is to lay flat on top of him and scream for mommy.  As you can imagine, that’s not the most wonderful experience!  Aeralind and Bronwyn have avoided the baby since he became mobile at 5 months because he chews on their things.  It appears the avoidance was mutually beneficial…

Yet, Sedryn has entered the age where social play is something he desires.  So this morning the girls and I built towers with our giant cardboard blocks and let Sedryn knock them over.  Then, all of us (Sedryn included) clapped for his accomplishment.  (the girls also squealed… which pleased my extroverted boy very much!).  It’s so neat to finally see them all playing together!