Toddler Activity of the Week: Potty Training

Spent a lot of last week with two kiddos sitting in the hall while Bronwyn did this.  Lots of reading.  Lots of pictures drawn on the Doodle Pad (and I still haven’t mastered drawing an owl that the girls don’t erase immediately!!!).  Lots of chocolate chip rewards.

I just can’t get over this kid.  It’s been four days since she’s had a pee accident.  Poop is still rough… but that’s okay. She’s even started being dry at the end of naps! And she’ll use a potty anywhere: the museum, Hobby Lobby, Church, Chick-fil-a.  Anywhere!

I’ve never been so proud of her for deciding to do something and letting nothing get in her way.  And, of course, she’s eating up the praise! Love her!

And while we use the rest of the disposable diapers we already had for Sedryn, I feel sort of liberated and the very few cloth diapers I’ve had to wash every 3 days (with a few gross panties thrown in too).  Life with just one in diapers (when Aeralind is ready) is going to be great!