Toddler Activity of the Week: Quality Time

Sometimes I’m totally missing the whole point of this toddler activity of the week thing: to slow down and spend quality time with the girls so we make memories.

Last week, (with a fair bit of accountability from a friend) I did just that.  I just spent close to 30 minutes (or more than some days) solely focused on the girls (and Sedryn too!).

We cuddled watching a movie.  We snuggled together in my bed and read books that I’m totally sick of reading for almost an hour.  We found a toad while watering the garden and buried a bowl of water for it to drink from.  I was chased by lawn mowers and screaming girls.  We hid under a sheet tent from the clothesline and played “Going on a bear hunt” and “Peek a boo.”  I built towers taller than me and let them fall on the girls.

We just played.

And it was beautiful.