Toddler Activity of the Week: Reading and “Writing”.

We just got a copy of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Bronwyn has been expressing interest in learning to write (ahem… throwing fits because she can’t draw letters) as well as memorizing and ‘reading’ books to herself and her siblings.  I thought: Well, what have a I got to lose?  If she picks it up: great!  If she doesn’t: well, she’s got a few years!

For a young reader (and the hesitant parent), this book is perfect!  The entire lesson is scripted with text for the parent to read to the child in red.  But with a 2 year old there’s one problem with the lessons: the writing section.  The girls just don’t have the fine motor skills to write letters (especially Aeralind. Bronwyn can trace large letters on her Doodle Pad)!

Out came the play dough and a pile of tooth picks.  I had them trace the first ‘sounds’ they learn (m and s) and then stick the toothpicks in the play dough.  It was a heap of fun for all involved 🙂