Toddler Activity of the Week: Water Beads

Another sensory activity with a little science thrown in for fun.  Watching these expand blew our minds!

Before they Expanded

Water Beads are strange polymers that grow huge to fill a vase when water is added.  I think they’re meant to water your flowers.  My husband says they feel like frog eggs, but I’ve never felt frog eggs.  They’re super slimy and they bounce!

After They Expanded

The girls had a blast…  but this made my normally pretty laid back self crazy!  For some reason, I just couldn’t let them throw them everywhere!  So I was micro-managing.   Bad idea.  Don’t do that… let them play

We also tossed about a liter of these in the tub.  They had a ball with them.  But if you do it… make sure that your drain is a smaller diameter than the beads so you don’t have to fish them all out :-p