Two weeks of Toddler Activities

We were all sick last week.  So much so that we actually had daddy stay home one day to take care of all of us!  So I didn’t get a chance to post about our Toddler Activities.  So here’s two in one.

One of the girls’ favorite things is to go on a hike.  Usually we all go with daddy.  Mommy is a little scared to go hiking with the girls alone. 

What if they both tripped and fell? How would I be able to hold them both while wearing Sedryn?  What if they both went running for the nearest water feature in different directions?  How would I stop them both?

It was a balmy 70 degrees that last week of January… and I braved a hike on a local college campus.  I was too stir crazy to stay inside!

Let’s just say a good old fashioned walk wears these girls out!  And we all love it 🙂

Oh, and on this walk a kind older gentleman showed us a wasp nest whose eggs were just hatching.  It’s one of the rare moments I’ve ever seen Bronwyn a bit scared 🙂

Balmy weather… please come back soon!

While we were all sick and trapped in the house as the tempertures steadily dropped all week, the girls and I invented this silly activity with a couple of tape measures. 

Don’t judge!  We were desperate for fun 🙂