16 Months

My precious girls turned 16 months old today.   I’m not sure where the last two months disappeared to.  We’ve been sick a ton: ear infections, colds, bronchialitis (nasty stuff), and more ear infections.  I seem to be functioning on just the bare minimum of sleep most weeks 🙂  But despite all our health struggles, my little babies have fully evolved into sweet little toddler girls.

Aeralind Grace

I can’t get over how much this little girls loves to be dirty.  Within moments of exciting our home, she will have dirt all around her mouth from chewing on rocks or sticks or whatever interested her at that moment. Ironically, Aeralind is the more traditionally girly of the two.  She love her dolls and carries them around with her.  She helps me sweep.  She comes near to ask for snuggles.  So the dirt just cracks us up! We’ve taken to calling her “Mud Princess.” 

Aeralind still love to manipulate objects.  She can use her spoon and actually get the food in her mouth.  She can both pull outlet covers out of the electrical outlet and put them back in.  When I forget that the basement bathroom door is open, I will always find her in that bathroom meticulously lifting cat food piece by piece into a separate dish.  She’s giddy with excitement that she’s figured out how to close the reused-as-a-bath-toy margarine container.

Aeralind weathers sickness pretty well.  She sleeps extra long.  However, when she’s hurting she’ll let you know with some of the most heart rending shrieks possible.  Then she snuggles right up to you until the pain passes and lets you place her happily back upon her pillow where she drifts off to sleep.

Bronwyn Hope

Bronwyn Hope is a determine scrappy little thing.  She will climb anything.  She has no fear.  She wants to be able to do what she is thinking about in her head as soon as possible.  When she sets her heart on doing something, just about nothing will stop her.  Not even if she falls.  After a good cuddle, she’ll go right back to try it again. 

Bronwyn doesn’t stay still for more than 5 minutes unless she’s playing with the piano or being forced to receive a nebulizer treatment.  In less than 10 minutes she’ll climb onto the trunk, then the couch and repeat 10 times, push a Cozy Coup across the room with her sister riding in it, empty three drawers, climb on top of the computer desk, and call China on my cell phone (well the last part is hypothetical…but believe me, she’d attempt it!).  This girls is busy!  But her laughter and her enthusiasm for life is so infectious.

Bronwyn does not deal with being sick well.  My stubborn non-stop ball of motion becomes a mopy clingy whiny stubborn girl.  She wants one thing and one thing only: to be near mommy and daddy.  She has whined 2+ hours on two different occasions in the middle of the night, just because she wanted to sleep with us.

I love you my sweet toddler girls!