Newborn Twin Photographer Greenville SC : Ava and Jack

Meet Ava and Jack.  These sweet newborn twins stole my heart.

Newborn Twin Photographer Greenville SC

Ava’s perfect little hair. The way Jack wanted nothing more than to be snuggled right into his sister.  Even though I have my own set of twins, I never cease to be amazed by just how close two babies carried together can be. Their bond is nothing short of miraculous.

Simpsonville Twin Baby Pictures

Ava and Jack arrived a little early (like all twins) and spent a few weeks in the NICU growing and learning to eat.  By the time we were able to schedule them in the studio, they were 41 weeks gestation but had arrived many weeks earlier. I bundled them both up like burritos at the beginning of our time together to help them fall fast asleep.

Greer SC Baby Twins Photography

Baby Boy Newborn black and white pictures South Carolina Baby Girl Newborn black and white pictures South Carolina

Ava was super relaxed the entire session. Shortly after getting her wrapped up she drifted into a contented sleep.
Sleeping Baby Pictures Greenville SC
Jack was most relaxed when he was cuddling Ava.  When she wasn’t around he was wide eyed and super curious.

Wide awake newborn baby pictures Simpsonville SC


Aeralind and Bronwyn at 5 Years

My girls turn 5 today. I’m breathless with the weight of their childhood passing so fast despite the days (and nights) sometimes seeming to be so slow.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

I don’t have a lot of words about these sweet girls… but I do have a ton of photos. So let me tell you a little about each girl and then let the images speak.

A+B Five year-43

Aeralind Grace

My serious daughter. Love snuggles and affirmation. Introverted. Hilarious with her five year old logic. (“It’s okay, mama. We have to grow up. But when we do we’ll have babies and we’ll give you some to keep.”) Slowest eater on the planet. Perfectionist. Fearless on the bars at gymnastics. Daydreamer. Wants to know how the world works. Drinks life down with so much joy.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord


A+B Five year-7

A+B Five year-26

A+B Five year-31

A+B Five year-37

A+B Five year-45

A+B Five year-55



Bronwyn Hope

Vibrant. Serious leadership skills (“Mama, I just want to teach them how to play a new game, but they just won’t listen.”). Emotional. Dancer. Strong willed. Fierce hug giver. Learned to knit at 4 years old. Easy smile. Has never met a stranger and invites folks at the grocery store to her birthday party all the time. Compassionate: both of her siblings run to her for snuggles if they can’t find me.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

A+B Five year-6

A+B Five year-48 A+B Five year-46 A+B Five year-34 A+B Five year-29 A+B Five year-23 A+B Five year-20


Our Photo Session

The girls and I spent a morning at Taylors Mill, Due South Coffee, and Lake Robinson to capture them as they are right now.  Then we finished with pizza with daddy.  It was a very special day. 🙂

A+B Five year-58

Our little foodies ordered shrimp and artichoke pizza. 😉

A & B 5 Year Portraits-2 A+B Five year-1-2 A+B Five year-2 A+B Five year-5 A+B Five year-9 A+B Five year-10 A+B Five year-41 quote A+B Five year-42 A+B Five year-47

A+B Five year-49 A+B Five year-51 A+B Five year-52 A+B Five year-53 A+B Five year-56

{Greenville, SC Newborn Twin Photography} Vance Session

My session with this dear family started like most with a simple inquiry in my Facebook messages.

Sleepy Newborn Twins Photography Greenville, SC

But this wasn’t the normal sort of photography inquiry.  In fact, it had nothing to do with photography at all. Diane and Titus had just been selected by a birth mom pregnant with twins and wanted to pick the brain of the only woman they knew with young twins: me.

One thing led to another after I dumped my unused double stroller, registry advice, and lots of crazy pep talks on Diane, I begged to photograph the babies.  I’m pretty shameless. 🙂 Adoption is expensive and I like to love on adoptive families however I can.  So a session with the most gorgeous twins I’ve ever laid eyes on (besides my own), was sooo exciting that it was a gift.

However, as a twin mom, it wasn’t the best gift I could give.  The best gift were words of comfort when I heard Diane had hit the 2-4 month absolutely exhausted slump.  I wrote down how difficult it is to like two beings who rarely let you sleep more than 2 hours straight and yet whom you love dearly. The first 5 or so months of twin motherhood is pure survival mode. It’s hard.  I’m not saying it’s not worth it, because I love being a twin mom.  But there are moments in those first months where I would have handed over my babies to that kind old stranger lady in the grocery store who uttered the words “I always wanted twins” just to go home and nap. There are moments where somehow the grace of God eased me through, but I still have no idea how I and the babies survived. And I want new twin mothers to hear that it’s okay to have those feelings and those moments.

I come to love each session more than the last… but I have to say this is one of my very favorite sessions ever.  Diane and Titus, thank you for letting me talk you into coming for a session!  It was a true gift for me to snuggle your new ones.

Greenville, SC Sleepy Newborn Twins Photography

I had some help from the lovely Mayfield Photography for this session.  She shot some spectacular detail images and was also the hands behind my composite shots!


Did I just say that?

Cabbage“Girls, please stop fighting over the cabbage!”

followed by

“Don’t throw the cabbage either.”


Home-Life Project 52: Week 46

I’m still not sure why we have two beds for the girls.