2 and a Quarter!

(I figured after 2 it seems a little silly to count in months… so 2 and a quarter it is!)

These last 3 months have flown by in a flurry for mommy with little sleep, a newborn (or hugely pregnant), and you two crazy monkeys.  You’re so fun right now, but I’m having a hard time finding time to enjoy you properly.  So Daddy is sitting right next to me and we’re going to do a little bullet list of the things we want to remember about you during this time.

First: The crazy things you two have gotten into in the last month while mommy was otherwise occupied.

  • Toothpaste.  A friend delivered a meal that day and loved how “minty fresh” you two were.  Head… to toe
  • Make-up. You painted yourself pretty.  But I think you looked like football players.

  • Baby oil.  I’m not sure that’s ever coming out of brother’s carpet (but it smells nice) and it came out of your hair… after a bath… or two…
  • Iron.  I’m pretty sure Bronwyn held this over Aeralind’s finger.  Of course, I’m also pretty sure Aeralind was the one who plugged it in.  You now call it “hot!!!!”.
  • Gas-X. Mommy’s first (maybe only? doubtful…) call to poison control.  Apparently eight 128mg tablets won’t do you any harm.
  • Eggs.  Cracked them on my kitchen floor.  Perfectly cooked… according to you.
  • Q-Tips.  You like cleaning your own ears out.
  • Condiments. Art for the kitchen floor.
  • Keyboard+Water after locking daddy out of the house while mommy slept.
  • Chocolate Meringue Cookies.  Pulled a whole baking sheet off the counter. Devoured half a dozen.
  • And the crowning achievement: smearing Vaseline on a “pun’kin” (and the carpet/changing table) after you broke the stem.  It was “med’cine” to fix it.  You tell me stories about this incident still.

    This might be the terrible twos… but from the list above… it’s terribly funny (when I’m not cleaning up the messes).

    Here’s a little something about each girl and your unique personalities during this time.


    • Your word is “control”.  You will do anything to remain in control.  You don’t cry (normally) when disciplined.  If you think it’s in your best interest to act the angel while Bronwyn climbs the wall, you will.  If you want something yourself, you’ll go get it.  You hate loosing control to the point that you don’t even throw tantrums, you just sulk.
    • You trying to find your Toes’ies  when having pants put on.
    • You have finally stopped cursing when referring to your shirt and shoes. 
    • You love to swing.
    • Tunnel!  You scream this when you want to go outside and play on your playground
    • Playing with Rocks.
    • ‘Wocking’ in your chair or on your horse.
    • You snuck into the kitchen to snitch some brown sugar while everyone else was melting down. You had so much on your face it looked like you’d grown a beard!
    • You can swim really well with your Puddle Jumpers on.
    • Tags: You’re obsessed with them.  And every time you find one your little thumb sneaks right into your mouth.
    • You’re the Hair puller
    • You like talking on the phone and will demand to call someone.
    • Scared of bugs


    • Your word is “order”.  You believe everything has an inherent order.  Mommy must put the vitamins on the right shelf.  You must sit in the chairs in Nana’s nursery and eat snack there.  You must keep your owl or cupcake jammies on at all costs. It’s no surprise that your favorite sentences all start with “I want…”  If something disrupts your order, you will melt down on the floor in an epic temper tantrum.
    • You think your socks are “cocks”.
    • You won’t do airplanes without your daddy taking his glasses off.
    • You mastered the words “I Want”.  They maybe your only verb besides push and rock.
    • You think you are Sedryn’s mother and have tried to practice nursing on your doll and a 14 month old friend.
    • Tunnel!!! One of your favorite places too!
    • When we go outside you’d demand that we sit you up in trees.
    • You like to eat raw flour. 
    • Will put your face underwater and swim a couple feet to someone. 
    • You’re the biter.
    • Being chased
    • You will roll over brother as if he is a rotisserie chicken.
    • Will either pet or kill a bug, depending on its type
    • You were terrified of elevators.