2 Months

The girls turned two months old today! Since it was also Veteran’s day, their Daddy was home all day. We celebrated by joining Marcie and her twins Zach and Alex on a few laps around the mall. Then we ate some Bourbon chicken with rice and green beans at the food court. That was their rather uneventful morning.

Their 2 month well check-up was at noon. Each girl received an oral rota-virus and FOUR shots in their little legs. I do have to congratulate the nurses who gave the shots: each girl received all of the shots and all four bandages in less that 15 seconds! The efficiency was utterly astounding! I nursed the girls afterward and then we packed up to leave.

We stopped by Whole Foods on the way home to pick up vegan chocolate chips (I’ll explain in an upcoming post) and a few things for dinner that evening. On the way out we noticed their sorbets. To celebrate their birthday Derek had a mixed berry sorbet and I had a strawberry-pineapple. So good!

Exhausted from our day out, Derek and I crawled in bed for an hour nap. 20minutes later we were joined by both of the girls who were whimpering in their car seats. An hour after that I woke up to Aeralind freaking out for food. Bronwyn soon followed suit. But both little girls screamed and complained and were inconsolable their entire time nursing. I’m not even sure how they managed to eat!

Derek went out to grab the Infant Tylenol and we drugged the poor souls. We then wrapped them in their Moby Wraps to fix and eat dinner. They barely woke to nurse at 7:00 and have been in their crib asleep ever since. Poor dears! Besides this sad period between 4-7 the shots weren’t nearly as hard as I had expected. Hopefully they’ll be their normal selves tomorrow!

In my sleep deprived state it’s hard to remember what has occurred in this last month! But I’ll try to give you a milestone list nevertheless:

  • The girls slept 7 straight hours one night! They haven’t done it since, but I think they may do so tonight again after all their excitement.
  • Both girls enjoy being held in a sitting position and attempting to hold up their heads. They can manage to do so for 15-30 seconds before needing a break.
  • Tummy time is becoming quite entertaining! They’ll lift up their heads and feet at the same time or do a repeated face plant that doesn’t bother them.
  • Bronwyn is becoming more aware of when she is being held. She loves to be held now and fusses if we lay her down after she’s fallen asleep.
  • Aeralind has officially been dubbed our “social baby.” If she’s aware of new voices or in a new place she will sit there wide eyed and watching. She’s stayed up 3+ hours while Bronwyn slept peacefully.
  • We’ve joined the impromptu “Under One Crowd” in our local Moms of Multiples group and are enjoying frequent Mom play dates with Marcie and Amber.
  • I’ve been nursing them for every feeding except for the middle of the night feeding for two days now.
  • Aeralind weighs an incredible 9lbs 5 oz and Bronwyn 9lbs 2oz. They’re a pound and a few ounces short of doubling their birth weight in two months!
  • Both girls prefer to be burped by Derek. In fact, I’ve told Derek they’ll burp for him if he looks at them cross eyed and I promise you they have done so multiple times!
  • They went to their first bonfire on a Sunday evening and enjoyed s’mores.
  • They visited with Nana on her farm for their first Farm Days. The three of us girls fell in love with a three-legged orange cat; daddy…not so much…
  • Their eyes are turning blue!
  • It’s becoming harder and harder to remember when we last had a good night of sleep.
  • But mostly it’s becoming harder and harder to imagine life without the gift of their presence.

Happy two month birthday, Aeralind and Bronwyn! I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!