3 Months.

Aeralind Grace just gets more and more social! She loves to be the center of your attention and will just sit there and flashing goofy smiles as you tell her stories. She is not so fond of tummy time and typically either complains or drifts right off to sleep. She likes to sit upright in your lap, perhaps leaning against your chest, as she watches the world go by.  Her tummy is ticklish and she’ll writhe in apparent agony if you tickler her.  Her hair is still longer and prone to mohawks.  She would rather be pacifier-less, but if you insist that she quiet down with a paci, she prefers the blue one to the pink one.  Aeralind is still Houdini in her swaddling wrap.  She can get her hands out of daddy’s patented “Eyes Pop out of Your Head” Swaddle; if she can’t get them out then she’ll pull the whole blanket over her face while attempting! Aeralind is super good at making people laugh.  I’d call her my Comedian with all her crazy smiles and desire to be the center of attention.

Bronwyn Hope is a little more introverted, but she loves to be held! She would rather be snuggled up in someone arms than anywhere else. In fact, I think she would rather be laying across daddy’s arms watching him play Lord of the Rings Online than anywhere else. I think that’s also because her vision is better than her sister’s, because she love looking at monitors and cameras and anything else black. Bronwyn still loves tummy time, but is more prone to complain loudly when she’s had enough.  She’ll pretty funny to watch as she frustratingly tries to roll over by picking up her legs and head.  She looks like she’s doing the worm ;).  Bronwyn is so active that sister has started to put on weight faster because Aeralind sleeps and rests more. As a result, Bronwyn almost always cues to eat before her sister. Bronwyn is ticklish on the bottom of her feet and would rather you just not put those socks on her, thankyouverymuch! She prefers a pacifer of any sorts as soon as possible. I would call Bronwyn my Cuddler; she just wants to be near you as often as possible.

Milestones of Month Three

  • Smiling! I love this one as it is so rewarding for us!
  • Tracking large moving objects (people!) as they walk in front of them.
  • Fat rolls on their still so slender legs, but, I promise you, they are finally there!
  • They are so long that I had to snap the BG diapers up a size!  However, they’re so slender the tabs are still meeting in the middle.
  • Out-growing 0-3 month clothing in their torso length.  Just like mommy, they have super long torsos.
  • Developing bluer and bluer eyes.
  • Starting to cry differently.  Aeralind is higher and faster, Bronwyn is deeper and likes to punctuate her desperate cries with fury at the end.
  • Being able to put their hands in their mouths and sometimes sucking their thumbs.
  • Punching toys dangling in front of them intentionally.
  • Holding their heads up most of the time, but not when they are tired.
  • Holding their heads in line with their bodies when you slowly raise them to a sitting position while holding their arms.
  • Latching without the nipple shield!!!!

And a milestone for mommy: I’ve lost 50 pounds!