5 items Mom’s of Multiples need

The Question of the Week over at Multiples and More is what 5 items would you recommend for expecting MoMs and I thought I’d share my 5 weeks of twins wisdom.

1. Easy Expression Pumping Bra

Having multiples means likely having preemies. Preemies (even fully healthy 36 weekers like mine) have difficulty latching. So you have to choose to either use formula in a bottle or express your milk using a pump. However, using the pump mean you’re stuck holding the breast shields to yourself for 15 minutes and having to stay up longer after feeding the babies. Using the Easy Expression Bra to pump while bottle feeding equals more time for you and most importantly more sleep!

2. Double Snap and Go

I would never manage to get out of the house by myself without this lovely. Look for it at your local Mom’s of Multiples club used cause these suckers get passed around within the club until they fall apart. Or you can always try Craigslist where I got mine!

3. Swaddling Blankets

Derek and I joke that they twins will start screaming because “the wiggly things attached to me are moving!” Swaddling them tightly when this is the problem results in instant silence. Sweet, now I can get more sleep! My husband and I have a preference for either the ones they use at the hospital (stock up before leaving… you certainly paid for them!) or stretchy thermal blankets like the ones I have pictured above.

4. Noise-making Machine

Derek had an alarm clock from before we were married that can make Jungle and Ocean sounds rather than buzz. We latched onto that sucker the first week we were alone. The tightly swaddled girls think they are back in the womb listening to my blood whoosh around when we play the ocean sounds. Plus it’s a pleasant noise to listen to in our monitor as we get more sleep too.

5. Double Blessings Nursing Pillow

This sucker is a BEAST; it’s gigantic, but it gets the job done. Nursing both babies at the same time means more time or more sleep for yourself.

I rather think more sleep is high on the list for new Moms of Multiples, can you tell?