6 Months

6 Months is such a big milestone.  My little girls are suddenly evolving from helpless babies to little people with distinct personalities and preferences.  I love watching them grow and discover their environment, but at the same time it’s bittersweet as the time is just flying by!

Each day the girls are starting to notice one another more.  Sometimes they lay facing one another and chatting back and forth. Other times the pass a toy back and forth for awhile (ok it’s really stealing but I’ll call it passing…).  The pat each other on the face and grab the others’ hand or ear. Sometimes they pass a smile back and forth like it’s contagious.  I love that the fact that I will never have an only child!

Aeralind Grace

Aeralind is so laid back! She loves to study her environment meticulously. When she’s concentrating, Aeralind loves to play with her tongue. It cracks me up! When I lay her in the crib for a nap, she grabs her blanket, pops her thumb in her mouth, and settles in to sleep.

Aeralind loves to roll back to tummy.  She’s even managed to roll back to tummy to back to tummy to back to tummy once and ended up 3 feet from where I left her!  However most of the time, she forgets how to roll onto her back and when she’s tired of her tummy, she will whine until some one rolls her back.

Because of all her self-imposed tummy time, Aeralind is getting really close to crawling. She can lift most of her weight on her hands and knees and rocks forward on occasion. It’s only a month or two before that girl is mobile!

I have the hardest time getting this little girl to crack a smile.  She stares at all my foolishness as if to say, “I’m not impressed, Momma.”  Then Daddy comes home and it’s like she becomes the Cheshire Cat.  So not fair.

Bronwyn Hope

Bronwyn is pretty high maintenance right now. She wants to be up and about, grabbing toys and talking to you. When I lay her in the crib for a nap, I also have to hand her a little red ring to play with and if she focuses on the object I can disappear without a scream; otherwise, she’ll scream and pull her blanket up over her head while stomping her little feet down on the mattress.

Bronwyn loves to grab and manipulate objects.  She can pass an object from hand to hand.  She can rotate objects.  She can grab things from above her, on her chest, and next to her body.  She can shake objects around and she can place most objects in her mouth effortlessly.

Bronwyn loves solid food!  I started feeding them daily last week.  At first she just loved that time because she loves being in the Bumbo and being the center of my attention.  But last Friday when she was eating a sweet potato/avocado mixture, eating finally clicked for her!  It was magical as she started opening her mouth to accept the spoon and even reaching for the spoon to attempt self feeding.  Tuesday when I gave her apples for the first time, she would have happily eaten the entire portion by herself!

Because Bronwyn is a child who feels emotions so deeply, she is very easy to get to smile.  But the flip side is that it also is just as easy to get real tears from her.