A Play by Play of One Hour

12:10 Grab my swimsuit to exchange and the handprint on canvas for “The Mafia Grandma” to use in the making of a baby sampler for Bronwyn. Take all items to the car.
12:15 Wipe Aeralind’s Cream of Wheat, Apples, Prunes and Zucchini stick face.  Lift her out of her Fisher Price Booster and strap her into her carseat.
12:20  Repeat process with Bronwyn.
12:25 Call Derek and write down his folks’ address
12:30 Start the 1.5 mile trek to the post office
12:32 Arrive at post office, Hop out of the car and unload my replacement stroller (that folds!)
12:33 Unstrap Aeralind and put in stroller.  Since it’s such a short trip in, I don’t bother with the stroller straps
12:35 Repeat process with Bronwyn.  Push Bronwyn back into the reclining position as she tries to sit up in the stroller.
12:37 Grab bag with contents to ship and proceed to the doorway.
12:39 Realize my stroller is stuck in the doorway to the post office
12:40 Nice African American man plucks my stroller out of the door and says “Looks like that’s not going to work.” He proceeds into the Post Office.
12:41 Deep calming breaths
12:42 Attempt to fit in the side door.
12:43 FAIL
12:43:20 Deep calming breaths
12:44 Push stroller back to car.  Plop Bronwyn in her carseat.  Plop Aeralind on the floorboard. Put bag with post office items at the foot of Bronwyn’s carseat
12:46 Remove bag and contents from Bronwyn’s clutches/mouth
12:47 Put stroller back in trunk. Remove picnic blanket from trunk.
12:48 Place picnic blanket next to car.  Lift Aeralind from floorboard and onto the blanket.  Remove Moby Wrap that had been under Aeralind.
12:50 Using the Moby Sling Style, strap Aeralind onto my hip.
12:51 Pick up picnic blanket. Pluck Bronwyn up out of her carseat with the blanket hand.  Reach with my ‘free’ hand to grab items to be shipped.
12:55 Shut car door with my rear end.
12:56 Of the 10 people in the parking lot watching this process amused, one generous lady kindly asks apologetically if she can help.  She didn’t want me to think she was a weirdo.
12:57 Nice lady is holding Bronwyn and we all walk into the Post Office
12:58 I grab poster tube for the cross stitch canvas.
12:59 I ask post office dude what would be the best option for shipping back my swimsuit exchange.
1:03 I filled out the address labels while Aeralind whines about being in the sling and Bronwyn eats the nice lady’s purse strap.
1:04 Nice lady runs into her dad at the post office and she explains to him the drama while I finish my transaction.
1:05 I notice that Bronwyn’s diaper has come undone and alert nice lady and her dad about the possible consequences.
1:06 Nice lady hands Bronwyn to her dad while she completes her transaction. I thank her and the four of us head out to the car.
1:07 We stop by nice lady’s dad’s truck to meet nice lady’s mom. Story is retold. I proceed to strap in Aeralind.
1:09 I strap in Bronwyn while thanking nice lady’s dad and he tells me to enjoy my double blessings. I smile.
1:10 I call Derek while leaving the parking lot and vow that I will never go to the post office alone again.