Coordinating, but not Matching

So after I fell victim to the Matchiness, I felt guilty and had to make them another set of outfits that didn’t match. I bought two coordinating blue, pink, and brown cotton prints at Hobby Lobby and made use of quite a few bookmarked tutorials. I added some cotton yarn (for the piping), some poly fiberfill, and a tiny piece of matching blue cotton (for lining) from the stash. I managed to make 9 toys and 2 dresses for less than $8!

Little balls to kick and throw. I’m having so much fun tossing these randomly at the twins’ daddy that I think I’ll have to teach the girls to do the same! I made these from a tutorial found at Grand Revival Designs.

I would have made these baby cubes forever! I think they are so fun. Unfortunately, I ran out of the scrap blue cotton and didn’t think they’d be as fun without three fabrics. This tutorial is over at London Mummy.

And finally these sweet Itty Bitty Dresses from Made by Rae.
(picture removed)

I’m so proud of the pile of scraps left from the yard and a half of fabric purchased: there are absolutely no scraps of usable size.