Decorating the Nest

The nursery is being invaded by Parliments of Owls, Gaggles of Geese, Murders of Crows, Kettles of Hawks, and other various Flocks of Birdies.

This Parliment of Owls started it all back before we knew we were having twins when I was looking for a gender neutral decorating scheme for the Nursery (we didn’t want to know the sex of a singleton). I emailed the adorable picture to my bird-watching husband thinking he would be thrilled with owls in the Nursery. He e-mailed back with an “It’s okay,” which, upon further questioning, I found out meant: “I think those are corny, goofy, and I can’t believe you even like them.” Just so you know, it didn’t hurt my feelings and has in fact become our biggest joke about the nursery. A mention of owls in the nursery just cracks us both up!

Then along came the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway days and I stumbled upon Sew Little Fabric’s adorable wallhanging. “Life’s a Hoot!” it declares and I wanted to win it so badly! Fortunately, Paula wanted me to win too! And so when my name wasn’t picked in the drawing, she kindly sent me the PDF to make my own! How generous! That little owl is going on the door so we can continue to laugh about owls in the nursery even when the little ones are both howling in the middle of the night.

Well, the birdies haven’t stopped flocking to us since! Next on the nursery decor list was this adorable mobile from Spool Sewing. I don’t like the idea of a mobile, but on their flickr pool someone had simply adhered a gorgeous branch to the wall complete with a whole flock of these adorable softies. I loved that idea and thought such a branch might be perfect over the changing table. I started by making the bird family pictured below and will be making many more of these. My husband blogged about the experience here. His playful sarcasm keeps cracking me up!

Today I stumbled upon this amazing tutorial for Canvas Bird Art at Colorful Kisses. I want a whole collection of these to go over the cribs in the corner of the room. How utterly fun! My sister may have to come help me make this awesomeness (What do you think, Kaykers?).

I’ve never been able to decorate a whole room from scratch before and I never imagined how much fun it would be!

Okay… I admit it… we’re a little bird brained around here…