Ear Tube Surgery

It’s been one of those weeks where it seems like we’ve crammed two weeks into 3 days of living.  My twins, Aeralind and Bronwyn, have been fighting with a fever/cold since Monday.  Tuesday we had an ENT appointment where they determined the girls needed tubes put in their ears.  The doctor asked me when would be a good day to do it and I jokingly replied “Tomorrow.”  So yesterday both girls had tubes put in.  Here’s hoping for a few nights of good sleep for all of us!

I brought along my camera to document the occasion.

Aeralind went into full drama queen mode as soon as her nurse Meghan started applying the pulse oximeter on her toe.
Drama Queen

The rare daytime pacifier soothed her a little, but every time she caught sight of Meghan she burst into tears again!

Bronwyn took things in stride, though she too was very irritated with the pulse oximeter. You can see that she’s scowling at it here.
Taking in all in Stride

Despite running a low grade fever the day of the surgery,  Bronwyn found the energy to Jedi Mind tickle her daddy as he snapped a few photos.  I wish you could hear her cute “gickle gickle gickle” around that pacifier!
Jedi Mind Tickle

But the highlights of the morning (besides going home) were petting the lion and playing with all those typically forbidden cords.