Foray into the Kitchen

I wish I had taken a photo.  Oh, well.  I want to record this memory because it was hysterical!

At about 3 today I decided to head out to Target to get deodorant.  I also thought I might stop by Hobby Lobby and see if any fabric appealed to me. I put the girls in the living room while frantically looking for the patterns that were on my “next up” list.  It must have taken me 5 minutest to find them.

I zoom into the living room and see Bronwyn sitting and playing with a toy.

Aeralind is nowhere in sight.

Into the kitchen I ran.  I didn’t see her at first but then I caught a glimpse of little feet peaking out from behind the recycling bin.  What was she up to?

Nothing could have prepared me for the sight.

She had knocked over the cat’s dish of water and was gleefully splashing in it like a pig in mud.

She was soaked to the skin.

Man, I love these kids!  Never a dull moment around here 🙂