How I Feed Three

Food is an all consuming part of my life right now for three reasons

  1. I’m hungry all the time.
  2. I want these babies to grow as much as the doctors do!
  3. Every time I open the refrigerator, I have one of two reactions: excitement over something that appeals to me or despair because nothing looks yummy.

Since food is very much consuming me (or am I consuming it?), I thought you may enjoy seeing just what I eat in one day to support the three of us.

7:40am: I’m starving at this point from the 8 hour fast and far too lazy to make breakfast. So I started my day with an “Almond Joy Shake” This is an extremely high calorie mix of coconut milk, almond butter, half and half, and a pint of chocolate ice cream (don’t worry that pint is supposed to make at least 3 servings. I usually get 6 out of it). I’m downing lots of fat, protein, and calcium and a whopping 400+ calories. Yummy.

9:40am: Unfortunately liquid food runs through me pretty fast, so I’m already digging through the fridge again. This is the last of my frozen hash browns (OH NO!) and a slice of bacon. I added ketchup before serving, since ketchup is the whole reason the potato was created 😀

12:30pm: Homemade minestrone with overgrown alphabet pasta and Parmesan. This photograph does not look so appetizing since I was trying to show just how overgrown the alphabet pasta is.

2:40: Mom and sister arrived bringing with them a 12-pack of Chick-fil-a nuggets. An unusual but appreciated treat 😀

7:00pm until 8:45: Pheasant, Boar, and Buffalo Sausage pieces. Spinach and Bacon Dip with Corn Tortilla Chips. A lovely wild game dinner sampler including duck, steak, and lamb with garlic mashed potatoes and in season veggies. (I forgot my camera for dinner, I’m so sorry!)

Okay so snack and dinner were not very typical for a day (since mom and sis were in town and treated us to dinner), but you get the idea: