Maternity Sewing

I’ve been sewing like a madwoman recently because I finally have developed enough tummy to lift normal length shirts to too short lengths! I needed some longer tops!

I am really enjoying both Ottobre patterns (despite having to trace them out and add seam allowance) and sewing with jersey fabric on the new machine. I did discover that although I measured a size 42, it was better for me to go one size down due to my really narrow upper body. My first top (which should have been my favorite) didn’t turn out so well because of the size issue. It’s still cute, but will probably only work out when my belly is gigantic!

Here’s a list of what I’ve completed so far in the order completed:

  • Navy knit gauchos from this pattern. These are like summer maternity sweatpant equivalents. Ahh.. If I made them again I’d use a more drapey knit.
  • Navy knit skirt that I free styled.
  • Naughty and Nice Nighty which I added 4″ to the center front pattern (which I pulled up in the pleats) and also added a 6″ or so in length.
  • Maternity Crossover Top from Ottobre 2/2007 # 20. Top still waiting on a substantial belly to fill it out. Green, cream, and brown print fabric-it’s all wonky at the seams and binding.
  • Red Jersey Vogue 1027. I made this in what should have been my pre-pregnancy size (though I flared out the waist to the next size up) and I would definitely recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes because there is a whole lot of unnecessary wearing ease for a knit garment. I love it though! A grown up twirling dress!
  • Pintuck Top from Ottobre 2/2008 # 1 unaltered in green jersey.
  • Pintuck Top from Ottobre 2/2008 # 1 in purple jersey. I added about 4 inches extra width to the front piece and pleated the neckline instead of pintucking.
  • Tankini top from this pattern. I chopped off the crotch portion, added about 4″ length (I’m super long waisted!), added 1 1/2″ to the side seam of the front piece (altering out the waist curve), and cut the front piece so it was slanted on the fold to add an additional 5″ to the bottom width. This will fit probably for the next month or so, but I’ll have to make a second top to finish out the summer. I’ll add 2″ or more to the bust panel width (it’s definitely drafted for an A-B cup) and will probably add a swimsuit bra for more support in addition to adding more twin belly ease.
  • A self-drafted double layer brown linen skirt. I should have made a tutorial while making it. If I see a suitable fabric lying around the house maybe I’ll do so!

My mom sent me a HUGE box filled with her friend Beth’s maternity castaways so the wardrobe project is a little less demanding at the moment. I think the tan wool flannel jacket is up next on the to-make list. I have nothing to wear to keep me warm or cover up bare shoulders in the blaring Air Conditioners of the south 😉