My C-Section Tips

Honestly section was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. I have a huge tolerance to pain and have had little more than motrin via IV and mouth since the spinal wore off. However, I know lots of the folks on the Multiples and More blog network are also facing a c-section so I though I’d post some how to cope tips to prepare them.

C-Section Tips

  • Send the babies to the nursery. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done the second night, but it was so worth it! They’ll bring them to you for feedings or if you have to supplement (as I did) they’ll feed them for you. You wake up saner and more able to enjoy their sweetness.
  • Buy some soft cotton granny panties 2 sizes bigger than what you’d normally wear. I’m living in Hanes tagless hi-cuts because they don’t rub the incision area.
  • Ask for the pain meds! In our experience the nurses won’t bring them unless you ask. Know how often you’re allowed to have them and ask for them even if you’re not hurting. I refused the narcotics (since they make me sick and loopy) but the Toradol cut the edge off of anything I was feeling
  • Ask for Gas-X. Our hospital had yummy peppermint flavored ones that tasted like candy. You are super gassy whether you realize it or not, so ask for it and it’s even better that it tastes like a treat!
  • Get out of bed as soon as they’ll let you. That first getting up is difficult, but it only get easier. In fact if you have a scheduled section, practice getting out of bed beforehand using only your thigh muscles.
  • Walk around after you’re out of bed. It works out the gas and makes you feel human again. Take a tour of the maternity floor with your husband pushing the babies. Inwardly wave at bystanders, pretending you and the little ones are queens in a parade.
  • Enjoy a shower as soon as you can. Being clean and sleep deprived is heaven compared to being tired and dirty.
  • To get back in bed, crawl on your knees. Sitting on the edge of the bed and trying to raise your legs like you normally would may be impossible or at least hurt a WHOLE bunch.
  • You tush gets super tired of you lying on it (another reason to walk around or stand and watch the TV) so don’t be afraid to ask the nurses to help you lie on your side. It’ll take about 5 pillows to support you but at least your butt won’t hurt as well as your incision.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, ask to be seen by a lactation consultant as soon as possible. The two I saw were the most helpful people the whole hospital stay.
  • Most important: be grateful. I fell in love with Sara, the lady who took the dine on demand orders, because she was so sweet and patient with me. My nurse Pam who propped me on my side made me feel so thankful for having someone to mother me! Danielle, the lactation consultant cracked me up teasing my husband (when she came in the room she asked “Is Melissa available?” He replied “No, she’s happily married with twins.” and the teasing never ceased from there!). They had me laughing so hard it hurt my incision! But most of all, I was grateful for the amazing man I married. Who has still changed more diapers than I have, who helped me out of bed in the middle of the night, who rocked the babies, who cuddled with me, who is the best daddy on the planet. Being grateful for these little things makes everything go smoother!