My Toddlers at 14 Months

I think the hardest part about being a mother is wanted to freeze time.  Oh, to be able to bottle up the essense of these beautiful children!  I hope somehow that the photos and stories here capture some of their spirit.

Aeralind and Bronwyn are officially toddlers. 

They walk regularly and they enjoy getting into trouble even more regularly.

 Those impish smiles and sheer curiosity cause at least one unforeseen clean up each day.  Between using toilet paper already torn off to the roll, to drop everything baths, to wondering where the bolt cover cap on my toilet will appear next, to being amazed at how they work together to create each mess, I can hardly stay a step in front of them.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aeralind Grace isn’t quite walking yet.  She can take about 11 steps if she wants to, but she’s all about perfection and efficiency.  Walking is not perfect yet and crawling is wonderfully efficient.  Especially if I’m trying to beat sister to the coveted toy.  Her perfectionism surprised me this time around.  When she was learning to crawl she practiced with such regularity and determination.  She mastered the skill in less than 3 weeks before her sister had even thought of it.   But with walking, she’s embarrassed at every fall even if we praise her non stop!  It’s fascinating to see this part of her personality evolve.

She might not be walking, but Aeralind is a master at manipulating objects.  She put toys and cheerios into containers.  She empties boxes and crawls into them to play.  She is working hard to master using her spoon.  She loved to hit anything with her drum stick.  No on and off button can deter her.  Digging in mulch at the playground (which she is not allowed to eat) to find that one delightful acorn (which she knows she is allowed to chew) is by far her favorite pastime.   This child is covered in dirt all the time.  I love how meticulous and purposed she is.

Bronwyn Hope has been walking for about 2 weeks now.  She decided crawling was not very cool and just went for it.  She face planted all the time, but wasn’t deterred.  It was so exciting to be doing something new!  This weekend we’re moving her up to the toddler nursery. She is just so thrilled to be able to move a million miles a second (and believe me she does!)

In the early days I though Aeralind was my fearless child, but I think she’s more curiously meticulous.  Bronwyn has no fear (as long as someone she trusts is near her).  She climbs up slides.  She’ll slide down a slide backward all by her self.  She’ll approach small dogs to pet them.  She climbs on couches.  She picks up boxes bigger than she is.  She flirts with every person she sees.  It’s so beautiful to watch her develop into this securely attached person who just loves exploring her world.

Oh, my sweet wiggly people, I am so proud to share this journey with you.