No Calorie Baby Candy

My dear friend Jenn (aka San Diego) gave me these great coordinating but not matching outfits for the girls. Since it seems like all I own in the 0-3 month range is pink, these two outfits are by far my favorites!  I have nothing against pink unlike my husband, I’m just a wee bit tired of the lack of options :-p

My little girls are getting so big! They’ve almost doubled their birth weights in two months!

Both of them can hold their heads up for about 60-90 seconds. Their head control is jerky during that time and they have to lay down their head for 2-5 seconds before going at it again. It’s also pretty exhausting and calorie consuming work.  After this little photo shoot they napped for about 15 minutes and then demanded to be fed 45 minutes early.  Yikes!

A few more of my favorites: