One Week!

I’m sitting here with sweet Aeralind asleep on my lap and still somehow disbelieving that I’ve been mommy to two little girls for over a week. They’ve changed our lives so much, but the abruptness of the change leaves me little time to let things sink in!

We wake them, change them, feed them, I pump, and they sleep while we either sleep ourselves or spend some those two hours of freedom on our own pursuits. Derek and I saw it’s like a chore schedule thrust upon us, but one we can’t procrastinate on.

Here’s a simple bulleted list of first week highlights before I forget them!

  • How I can’t imagine how these two girls fit inside of me! They’re HUGE and I felt so tiny!
  • The way they smelled when they were handed to me after their first bath that first night. I could have gobbled them up!
  • Aeralind being dubbed Houdini by Danielle the lactation consultant. No matter how tight you swaddle her, she will have a tiny hand escape to wave around in mere minutes.
  • Bronwyn’s flare for the dramatic with her tiny hands. She’ll cup her ears like she can’t stand our voices or pose them out like she’s a super model.
  • Their hair! I love it and there’s so much of it! I’ve been saying that Aeralind has a Mohawk and Bronwyn has a Mullet.
  • Aeralind rolling over on her 2nd day of life. She was TICKED at Papa for changing her diaper and just rolled herself right over. She’s done it once or twice since.
  • The feeling of joy last night when the nurse made a house call to check on us and we discovered that the girls had each gained 3oz! They’re only 5oz away from birth weight. I’m so proud of my milk 😀
  • How cute they looked in those matching pink preemie overall outfits!
  • Nibbling on their little toes as they try to kick me while feeding them.
  • The joy and love our shepherding group poured out on the girls when we surprised them with a visit. I love that the girls have that extended family. Plus seeing all those expecting daddies hold our little girls and melt their wives hearts was such a blessing.
  • The not so great memory of the last two nights where Aeralind decides to cluster feed (90cc over the course of 2 hours when a normal feeding for her is 40cc) between 9-11 and then Bronwyn follows suit between 12-2. Boy, has that worn Derek and I thin, but taught us so much about humbling serving one another (and our own selfish natures).
  • Seeing how careful Derek is with these little girls. He treats them as if they were made of fine porcelain. They are both quickly becoming “daddy’s girls.”
  • The way my husband has gently kissed me all week. I have felt like a princess in his care.
  • Bronwyn shooting poop across the changing pad while I changed her.
  • Derek sound asleep last night burping an invisible baby. He was literally hitting himself on the shoulder. I would have laughed forever if I hadn’t been so sleepy!
  • How wonderful it feels to wake up with babies on both sides of me keeping me nice and cozy.
  • How much they actually seemed to enjoy their sponge baths! I’ve heard and seen most newborns scream the whole time, but each of them actually liked it!
  • I love the way they have a sibling already! And the way they snuggle right up to one another and look like they are giving each other kisses.
  • And finally, Derek can actually curl up around me and put his arms around me. No more watermelon tummy in the way!

What a blessing they have been this week and I am excited to see what next week brings!