One Year Old

One Year Ago I became a Mother.
That day still blurs for me.

  • 3 hours at the doctors.  
  • 30 minutes at the library. 
  • 1 hour at Panera eating and reading. 
  • 1 hour reading laying on my left side, laying on top of Aeralind, agitatedly kicking me. 
  • 5 minutes of having rolled over to my right side, on top of Bronwyn, to ease my soreness from Aeralind’s kicking.  
  • A frightening gush of fluid.
  • Panicked phone calls
  • 20 minute preordained car ride with Diane
  • 2 hours of surgical prep, fears, “Man Eating Fish”, husband in scrubs, flying down the hallway out of control
  • 2 minutes of tearful prayers
  • 30 minutes with the spinal craziness
  • Derek rejoining, stroking my hair, and timelessness ensuing
  • “It’s a Girl!” and breathlessly waiting for cries.
  • “It’s a Girl!” and hearing the cries.
  • A baby in nervous daddy’s arms (Bronwyn?)
  • A baby in mommy’s outstretched arm and chest (Aeralind?)

My life changed in a moment.  Richer.  More Beautiful.  Full of Laughter, New Insecurities, Sleepless Nights, Cuddlings, and the Blondest Hair I Have Ever Seen.

Little Girls, I love you so much!
(notes about each girl are on their brand new pages at the top: Aeralind and Bronwyn… pictures coming soon)