Quilt and Baby Update

I can’t express how relieved I am to have visited the Maternal Fetal Specialist. Finally, I’ve had information poured into my type A brain and feel like I actually know what’s going on with the babies. WOOHOO! So here’s a bullet list of some of the more important information we received today.

  • Baby A had rotated from footling breech to frank breech before the ultrasound. In the middle of the ultrasound she returned to footling breech. I love that stubborn little girl 😀
  • If Baby A has club foot it’s relatively mild.
  • The babies BOTH weigh approximately 2 lb 3 oz
  • My cervix was declared a “triplet cervix”. It’s holding out at 4.8cm at 28.5 weeks
  • Baby A is a little small in the torso despite weighing approximately the same as Baby B, so the Maternal Fetal Specialist will be seeing me for weekly ultrasounds to monitor blood flow from the placenta to Baby A. Every two weeks they’ll measure her growth.
  • I’m still allowed to function normally because of the “triplet cervix”.
  • The babies both really enjoy holding onto their feet above their heads.
  • Baby A is my shy stubborn one.
  • Baby B is my camera hogging diva. She even put her feet in front of Baby A’s head to block a decent head shot.
  • Both girls are practice breathing already!
  • Baby A has plenty of room to flip…if she chooses to do so.
  • I didn’t even get close to passing out today from lying on the ultrasound table for over an hour. This one is quite comfy 😀
  • Derek cracked me up writing on a Etch-a-Sketch while waiting for the doctor.

It was a good visit AND we got 3D ultrasound photos! I love how they are fascinated with their feet though it proved difficult to get face shots with all those feet. By the way, Baby B’s feet are the ones blocking Baby A’s shot. She did not want her sister to have the limelight!

I finished the quilt top today which I did not expect at all! It’s so much fun!

Whew! What a day! I’ll leave you with the 28 week belly shot in the dress I sewed last week from stash fabric.