Strange Math: 1+1=3

There’s only one situation where that math works: when two people start a family 😀 Derek and I are expecting a little squirming (and crying) bundle of joy around October 7, 2009. Little One (or LO as Derek and I are calling it) was sort of unexpected and sort of planned for. Honestly, we didn’t expect to conceive two weeks after stopping contraceptives! But we’re excited (and scared) as only new parents can be!

As I write this now (March 12th), I’m about 3 weeks shy of finishing my first trimester. I don’t really look (though I’ve gained some pudge) or feel pregnant. My main “symptoms” are frequent trips to the potty, food aversions rather than food cravings, sleepiness (I literally slept about 2 1/2 weeks of my life away), and a very sensitive smeller (I bought Derek Listerine so he could still get kisses regardless of what he had just eaten). Oh, and I could eat all the time. I’m eating 5-6 small meals a day and sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

It’s sort of a surreal experience. Derek and I talk about LO, talk about decorating the nursery, bought a car seat and Exersaucer at church yardsale (total cost $15!!), I’ve bought 3 items of “maternity” clothing (hey, that little pudge makes buttoning pants over a sensitive belly uncomfortable!), and I start crying randomly when reading anything about babies (hormones, Hurray!), but there’s just no real processing that we’ll have a little person in our home before October ends. It’s like playing house when you were in preschool. So surreal.