The Girls’ Bird Art

Derek and I hung the completed Bird Art Canvases over the cribs last night. It is so fulfilling to see that room in it’s mostly finished state! The art is on the wall, the little beds made, the dresser filling with clothing, and the closet overflowing with newborn disposables. These little things make the impending arrival just a little more real.
A’s Bird Art

My sister did most of these except for the name which Derek and I did after my family left (we’re keeping the names secret until they arrive)

B’s Bird Art

My mom and I did most of these, but again Derek helped with the name. The wall color is very washed out in these images; the nursery is a minty green not the sickly cream the camera flash created.

I’m really in love with them: the birdies, the quirky Basic Grey Sultry papers, the way they’ll match (but not too matchy) the girls completed quilts. Sigh… it makes me want to decorate my entire house in this much exquisite detail. Maybe I’ll do our bedroom next…