Two Years

I’ve been a Momma for two years now.  I’ve cared for two little newborns who have grown into semi-independent toddlers.

Let me tell you the truth: it never gets easier, it just get different (and sometimes in more bearable ways than others).

Each day is always a direct affront to my selfishness and a quiet invitation to humility when I can’t do it alone.

Each day lasts an eternity in its myriad of little crisis and discoveries, but each month or year passes in a blink.

Each day is filled with opportunities to build up my girls in discipline, in love, in joy or to tear them down with my own frustration, criticism, and ingratitude.

Each day is hard.

But each day is a miracle filled with one thousand gifts.

Aeralind Grace and Bronwyn Hope, thank you for shaping me for His Glory.