Dear New Mama, It’s Time to Find a Tribe

Dear New Mom. A blog series to make you laugh, help you feel a little less crazy, and encourage you in the early days of motherhood.

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Dear New Mama,

I’ve been writing to you for seven straight weeks now and my blogs to you will start to come at a much slower rate.

You might still feel like a wreck half of the week, but you’re truly adjusting to your new normal. You’ve become an amazing mama and you are the best mama your little one will ever have.

I always find that encouraging so let me say that again: You are already the best mama for your littles. You can only get better.

But I wanted to encourage you to start looking for a tribe of mama-friends with babies of all ages to walk alongside you like I have for the past few weeks.

A tribe of women who can give you sound advice and listening ears, but who will also tell you that it’s okay to “Do what works for you and your baby.”

Look around and invite mama’s in. New ones. Old ones. Mere acquaintances that you admire. Your own mama.

I remember calling an acquaintance on one of those hard days and pouring out my heart and my mess and my ugly and asking her for advice and prayers and just a light at the end of the tunnel. She breathed hope and life into me and became a lifelong friend.

Don’t bottle up your struggles. Share them. Parenting is hard, so let’s talk about it.

I’m here if you need me.

Cheering you on, friend. Let’s talk soon.