Double Blessings Double Time: Greenville SC Newborn Twin Photography

As a twin mama myself, I get super excited about Greenville SC newborn twin photography.  A newborn twin photography session that a friend gifted my family was my introduction to newborn photography.  I was so happy to give this session to a new twin mama.

This family’s everyday ordinary is nothing but extraordinary. There are 5 children 4 years of age and under: a four year old, two year old twins, and a set of newborn twins.

Greenville SC Newborn Twin Photography

Two sets of twins in just over 2 years.

As I finished up my session, Jordan recalled the story of finding out they were pregnant with their second set of twins.

“The nurse knew we had a set of twins already. She calmly whispered, ‘Here’s baby A and here’s baby B.’
“I fell to the floor on my knees and just started crying and exclaiming ‘Thank you, Jesus!’
“Other nurses came in and a bunch of them were crying with me. They told me ‘I’ve never seen a dad so excited about his children.’
“‘Why not?’ I said. ‘Children are blessings from the Lord. I’m such a blessed man.'”

Jordan and Jennifer, it was such a joy to photograph your children. I know your days seem like eternities right now. I know how hard it is to mother twin toddlers and one baby and I can only imagine a four year old, twin toddlers, and twin newborns. Your level of exhaustion must seem endless, but hang on. Your work is holy work as those five blessings grow. Holy work often messy, but more rewarding than any other work.

Greenville SC Newborn Twin Photography