Henry and Evelyn: Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer

Photographing twins is my absolute favorite… mostly because the entire experience is a walk down memory lane for me.  My twin girls turned 6 the same week these beautiful twins were born.Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer

To be able to encourage a twin mama in the throes of simultaneously falling deeply in love with two babies and waging the incredibly difficult war of sleeplessness is such a gift.  We whisper breastfeeding stories and talk about the mechanics of tandem feeding and the panic that comes with each growth spurt.  There is talk of schedule being king and is it ever okay to just feed the awake baby and let the other baby sleep in the middle of the night.
Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer

But mostly there is just shared wonder.  Wonder that two humans grew at the same time inside of you.  Wonder that they are here and real and beautiful.  Wonder that you were given this precious gift of ready made siblings and sleep deprivation.  Wonder at the sheer joy of it all.Greenville SC Natural Newborn Pictures

Henry and Evelyn were perfect.  Mom and dad kept them up just a bit before feeding them and driving right over.  For the first part of the session, I never even saw their eyes.  Over an hour and half of just posing and cuddling sweet little ones.  My favorite.  Henry was so laid back.  Patient and kind with me.
Newborn Baby girl in a bowl pictures greenville SC

Evelyn had a few more opinions than Henry.  See that adorable tiny hand above her head?  That was all Evelyn’s idea.  It took me awhile to coax her to bring it down.Twin Newborn Baby Photography Greenville SC

The little sweeties started getting hungry as we took the parent images.  See Evelyn trying to nurse on smiling Henry’s head?  That used to happen with my girls all the time.  One or the other would have wet slimy hair when it was time to feed them because their sister had been nursing on their hair before crying out to be fed.
Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer

Anna and Nathan are just such wonderful parents.  Patient.  Relaxed.  Already laughing about the craziness of twin newborns.neutral Newborn Boy pictures
Henry was the exact same weight and height that my girls had been. The back wrinkles make me laugh knowing how tiny he really was.Neutral sweet baby girl pictures

Evelyn was roughly a pound heaver that her brother and it really shows in her filled out cheeks.Greenville SC Natural Newborn PicturesLooking for a Greenville SC Twin Newborn Photographer?  I would love to hear your twin story and encourage you in those early sleep deprived weeks.  Contact me today to get your due date on my calendar.