Classic Studio Family Photography Greenville SC

I’ve seen this beautiful family for classic studio family photography Greenville, SC five times this year. You can see Whitney’s Maternity session here, and then Abel’s newborn, Three month, Six month, and Nine Month by clicking each individual link. It’s been so beautiful to see Sloan and Abel grow and develop.
Timeless Studio Family Photography Greer SC
At this session, Sloan was the clear star. She wanted to wear something from my client wardrobe rather than what mama picked out and we were cream fits most every color scheme. Sloan loved her mama and dad cuddles so much.

Timeless Studio Family Photography Travelers Rest SC
You can really tell how much Josh and Whitney adore their little ones. I’ve been so grateful to watch that love develop.
Classic Studio Family Photography Greenville SC
Nine months is one of my very favorite ages to photograph in the first year. Abel, like all nine month olds, is able to sit steadily, move by crawling or scooting, didn’t have stranger anxiety yet, and has so much personality!!! Abel was even able to stand supported.  He was so strong!

Nine Month Baby Boy Studio pictures Simpsonville SC

Nine Month Baby Boy Studio pictures Greenville SC

Sloan adores Abel.  She wants to hold him and squeeze him and love on him.  It’s precious to see her emulating her parent’s affection.

Timeless Studio Family Photography Spartanburg SC
Did I mention that Sloan totally stole to the show during this session? My clients all pick their images from a proof gallery so that I’m sure that they get that “one face” that their child makes the most. Sloan’s cheesy smile is the one face that is so uniquely hers. I always smile editing such silly joy. But this angry face (daddy asked her to show it to me) had me almost it tears laughing.  Sloan has so much personality!
Children's Photographer Greenville SC

Children's Photographer Simpsonville SC
Whitney, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me! I can’t wait to see you at Abel’s cake smash soon!
Timeless Studio Family Photography Simpsonville SC
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Timeless Studio Family Photography Greenville SC

Looking for some Timeless Studio Family Photography Greenville SC for your Christmas Cards? Every winter I offer Seasonal Simply Family Mini Sessions on a couple of Saturdays in November and December. These are a great way for you to get a few images for your Christmas Card in a fun low stress situation. When you book a Simply Family Mini, I send you a series of emails to help you prepare for your session. Of course there is advise on picking out what to wear, but there’s also a key email that I think a lot of photographers forget. It’s an email on preparing your kids for the session. Children need to know my name, what the studio is like, what’s expected of them, and more importantly how you’re going to praise them for that behavior. Timeless Studio Family Photography Greenville SC This family has been coming to the studio since their oldest girl Zoey was released from the NICU six years ago. You can see that session by clicking here. They did an excellent job preparing these small children for this experience. They’re all under five in these images! And it’s really a testament to how well Lydia and Micheal prepared their kiddos. Timeless Studio Family Photography Greer SC So what is a Simply Family Mini like? It’s a 30 minute session that includes 5 images that you choose. From the moment your kiddos arrive to the moment they leave, I am focused completely on your kiddos. Often, I even forget to address the parents except for asking their children to help me tell mom and dad what to do. I try to keep these sessions short and sweet just like your little one’s attention spans. What is my biggest complaint about Simply Family Minis? “How can I pick just five images?” Don’t worry, you can purchase additional images if you want! Interested in booking a Simply Family Mini? Contact me today to let me know you’re interested. Even if it’s not near November, you’ll be put on an email list to be the first to know the dates of Simply Family Mini Sessions.

Post NICU Newborn Photographer

Did your baby have an unexpected stay in the NiCU? Are you looking for a Post NICU Newborn Photographer who will photograph your newborn regardless of age? One of my favorite things is the joy of holding and photographing your tiny miracle. I’m less concerned with chronological age and more concerned with capturing your sweet baby’s beauty. I love all the details of your baby: his fingers, his eyelashes, and his tiny hands. I don’t mind a little extra soothing and a little more baby led posing rather than photographer led. Your little one has a story to tell and I’d be honored to illustrate it.

Classic Simple Timeless Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

This beautiful NICU baby’s name is Marley. His NICU journey amid the very first few weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic was completely unexpected. He was early, but not so early that mama Ericka expected him to be whisked away to the NICU. But Marley is a fighter and he fought his way out of a scary diagnosis and came home.


Post NICU Newborn Photographer Greenville SC

Marley was still a tiny little guy, weighing well under 6 pounds when I met him. He was laid back and very sleepy which was unexpected but welcome. He loved the comfort of the wrap, perhaps because he’d spent so much time cuddled up in Ericka’s arms.

Classic Simple Timeless Greer SC Newborn Photographer

I had fun curling Marley up into the tiniest little props and showcasing his beautiful hands and feet. We even snuck a little bear bonnet on him!

Classic Simple Timeless Simpsonville SC Newborn Photographer

Post NICU Newborn Photographer Simpsonville SC

At the very end of the session, I dressed Marley in this little knitted footed PJ set from the studio wardrobe. He woke up just enough to get a sweet awake picture and these remaining images.

after NICU Newborn pictures Greenville SC

after NICU Newborn pictures Simpsonville SC
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Girly Emotional Newborn Photos

Girly Emotional Newborn Photos in Greenville SC don’t have to be all frills and bows and costumes. When your heart wants to tell the story of how beautiful your baby is from her tiny toes to the millia on her nose, choose a photographer who matches that vision. At Quiet Graces Photography, I believe that simple imagery celebrates your little one best.

Girly Emotional Newborn Photos Greenville SC

Soothing and Calming

Isla is the sweet newborn girl featured in these session images.  Isla is an “older newborn” in the 3-6 week range.  Many newborn photographers will tell you this age is simply impossible to capture in curly poses, but that’s obviously not true!  Yes, newborns at this age are a little more awake, but that just means we get good eye contact like in the image above.

Girly Emotional Newborn Photos Simpsonville SC

Isla required a little more soothing and calming than your typical newborn and she wanted to be posed upright while she fell asleep.  I always take your baby’s preferences into account during posing. It’s more important to have a safe and happy baby than to make sure we get “the pose” we wanted most.

Girly Emotional Newborn Photos Hendersonville NC

Feminine Simplicity on White

Greenville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

Once Isla fell asleep in her wrap, I was able to transition her into this set of poses on white.  I love posing girl emotional newborn photos on white.

Greer SC Newborn Baby PhotographerThere’s a timelessness to white images that just showcase your baby’s natural beauty.


Baby Pictures on MauveSimpsonville SC Newborn Baby Photographer

After the white blanket, I moved Isla to a mauve blanket for a bit of color.  This bonnet, wrap, and headbands set by Avonli Baby are studio favorites.  I love compiling a set of props for my clients to choose from so that all they need to do is show up to the session rather than worrying about purchasing and bringing extra items.

Tiny Details

All clients are given the opportunity to customize their pose request.  One of the things that was most important to Isla’s mama was detail shots.  Especially including their wedding bands. Aren’t these the sweetest? And those little squishy lips are to die for!

Newborn Baby Macro Close Up Photography. Baby Feet with wedding Rings.

Booking Your Own Session

Looking to book your own Girly Emotional Newborn Photos in Greenville, Simpsonville, or Hendersonville?  I’d love to be considered for capturing your baby.  Contact me today to tell me how you’d like to remember your baby.

Timeless Classic Baby On white Newborn Pictures Greenville SC



Studio Baby Plan Photography Greenville SC

I’ve really loved getting to know Josh, Whitney, Sloan, and Abel through their Studio Baby Plan Photography Greenville SC. If you’d like to look at their other sessions, here is Whitney’s Maternity Session, Abel’s Newborn, and Abel’s 3 month session. I can’t believe were already up to 6 months!


Six Month Pictures

Studio Baby Plan Photography Greenville SC

Six months is one of my favorite ages to photograph.  Babies at six months have a budding personality.  They’re curious, they laugh easily, and they don’t yet have stranger anxiety.  Abel was no exception!

Baby Plan Photography Simpsonville SC


I love Abel’s rosy cheeks, but by far his sweetest feature is still all those glorious baby rolls! Just feast your eyes on the cuteness!

Six Month Baby Pictures Greenville SC

Sibling Pictures During a Session

One of the things that I love is including big siblings and family images during baby plan sessions.  Sloan is two and she’s a sheer delight of fast motion and sassy personality.

Greenville SC Children's Photographer

Sloan also makes the best cheese face.  And Whitney and Josh love it so much that they choose cheese face images every session.  Sloan and Abel are truly delighted in for everything they are.

Simpsonville SC Children's Photographer

Sloan adores Abel.  This series of sibling images makes my heart so happy!  However, I do really wonder how Abel must taste 🙂

Greer SC Children's PhotographerTravelers Rest SC Children's Photographer

Detail Images

One of my favorite parts of being a Greenville SC Baby Photographer is taking little detail images.  Babies grow up so fast.  I want you to be able to remember all their little rolls and the way they fit into your arms.

Greenville SC Photographer

Booking your Own Series of First Year Sessions

Are you looking to book your own Studio Baby Plan Photography Greenville SC?  Or maybe you just want to book a six month session or a cake smash?  I’d love to hear what you have in mind. It’s a joy to give you timeless, emotional images of your little ones. Drop me a note about your dream session by clicking here.

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