A Letter to the God-Sized Dreamer in You

Hey, you.

The one washing spit up rags and taking out the diaper pail trash for the third time this week.

And you too, the one hopping in your car to spend 9 long hours working in a dead end job while at the same time wishing you could be home with the ones you support.

Or you, fearless teen, who wears her bright red lipstick and natural hair color proudly even with that nagging feeling that you might be the only authentic one in the bunch.

Or you, mom of teens who takes naps midday to be ready when your young ones are ready to talk at quarter past your bedtime.

Or you, empty nester, reconnecting with your husband while courageously facing your too quiet house.

Hey, there ordinary person.  The kind that doesn’t seem notable.  The kind who feels overlooked.  The kind who feels like no one understands you.

I understand you.  I know that you go through the daily motions with courage.  But I also know that it takes you even more courage to dream.  And more courage than that to set aside time to take that one step toward that dream: your holy calling to pursue more of what God has for you.

But, dreamer, as you pursue that extra ordinary I don’t want you to miss right now.  The beautiful mess of your day to day living.  Because these moments now: they’re part of your holy calling to pursue more of what God has for you right now. These quiet few moments stolen here for me tapping out words while watching a Carolina Wren frolic on the obnoxiously purple plastic play set are a gift.  A gift for me to soak up who God is: beauty in the midst of my own chaos.  A gift for you to open and be encouraged that this day to day right now sort of mess matters just as much as pursuing your dream.

We can’t hit pause on everything in our life and just run wild toward our dream.  And that’s okay.  God intentionally uses the day to day beautiful mess to refine us for the day to day pursuit of that small corner of our dream.  We need this crazy right now, these seemingly unexplained obstacles to prune us for the dream moments to come.

Soak in these everyday moments (even the hard ones), dreamer friend, and know that God is creating new things in you for His glory.