God-Sized Dream Life Statement

The laundry lies in heaps and baskets all over the house.  It’s crumpled and rumpled but clean.

God-Sized Dreams

I’m a lot like my laundry, and I have a feeling you might be too. I’m washed clean, forgiven of all my sins, yet I lie rumpled in the mess of the everday.  Somtimes I’m too crippled to do anything at all. I feel like my day to day life is filled with so much sin that I couldn’t possibly be used by Him.


Yet, what I’ve learned most in the last year is that God uses me best when I expose those messy rumpled bits of daily life and sin.  The fact of the matter is that I still use my crumpled clean laundry; God still uses my messy-beautiful sin-filled life.

For a little over a month now, I’ve been encouraged in a secret Facebook group of God-sized dreamers. When I applied for this God-sized Dreams Team, I’m pretty sure I wrote my dream as “to photography 12 session in the next year.”

But our facilitator-leader, Holley Gerth, had us dig way deeper from day one.  Holley made us explore our strengths, our skills, and the tug on our hearts for a certain group of people.  That culminated this week in a LIFE statement.

And here mine is.

I believe God has created and called me to reveal to women with photography and words that our most beautiful moments are the messy everyday vulnerable stories.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been doing a lot of reorienting since buying my Quiet Graces domain. I’m trying to streamline things around this central purpose.  Trying to ignore the fears and life a life that follows this purpose by God’s grace alone.

I want to tell you the hard stories about my days. I want to share with you the joy in everyday moments. I want to capture images that speak of beautiful-mess grace. I want to teach you to use your camera to capture those moments, too.

But I think there might be a bit of quiet in this space for a season.  Cautious quiet as I listen to His voice. The type of quiet that is learning to use her own crumpled clean (and dirty) laundry for the glory of God.

Right now, I’ll commit to two maybe three post a week.  My Beginner Photography Class posts on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays I’ll try to post in a way that scares me as I work toward this God sized dream.  There will be a post or two on client sessions as they’re completed on Fridays or funny kid stories as they occur.  And perhaps Multitude Monday posts if I can keep track of my gratitude journal.  But mostly there will be the quiet of a heart seeking Him hard for a season.