Five Minute Friday: Dive

My covers are beckoning me to dive into them for rest. But, I pause here for five minutes with words.

I read something today that made me reflect on patterns from my past repeating themselves in my treatment of my precious girls. I’m not even sure how to express this sin of mine in words. Oh, but it’s selfishness at the root.

As an introvert, it’s so much easier to disengage. To beg for a break. To bury myself under the covers. These children, the demand so much. So quickly. So in my lap, in my ear, so all over me all day.

I’ve been sick this week, more tired than usual. They’ve been sick this week. More whiny than usual. Little feeling have been hurt. Big fits have been thrown. Sin. So much sin that we have been walking through.

So grateful just for the pool of grace to dive into and come up refreshed. Renewed. Repentant. Forgiven.

Good night.

Five Minute Friday