Five Minute Friday: Wonder

Five Minute Friday


The girls and baby had just finished running around the house squealing with glow sticks. Derek was working late for two days in a row and I had my hands in the sink trying to conquer at least one pile of mess.  I put the baby in bed when he came up and practically asked to go to sleep.  We played peek-a-boo with his discarded pants on the changing table.  His laughter sweet wonder deep in my soul.

Aeralind and Bronwyn rush to the bathroom to brush their teeth and use the potty.  I pull down our Advent Journey.  Dig out the Jesse tree ornament.  Find a wrapped animal to add to their “barn” that they are slowly unwrapping.

We read the story about the fall.  How the snake convinced Eve that God was holding back on her.  The lie I still hear whispered today.  I wonder what their little hearts are absorbing.

There are shrieks of delight as they unwrap the camel.  They kiss him and tuck him in the barn for the night.  And Bronwyn she carries the Jesse tree ornament to the tree.  The one with the Snake and the Apple.  She smiles and Aeralind joins her.  I ask them what the other ornaments are.

“The stump with the branch.  The earth.  The snake and the apple.” Their tiny voices tell me.  I wonder at how even in their little lives God is making way for the wonder of the gospel despite my shortcomings.