Don’t you want to thank someone?

The gratitude journal, it falls missing one afternoon.


Somewhere between the dashboard cubbie at the beach and the switch from the Corolla being my primary car to the Camry being mine.


Satan uses my scatterbrainedness to stop the pen he hates so much from scrawling the Eucharisteo of the Lord’s Glory across the page.  My heart wanders.


Moment pass.  The morning (probably the last) where the year old nursling falls asleep early in the morning snuggled right up to my side and we sleep for hours cuddled together. Aeralind’s hand so soft on my cheek asking me, “Please, Mama, can we go see the chickens.” while we’re at the farm.  Bronwyn’s crazy “ballet” as Ruthie plays “Bless the Lord (10,000 reasons)” on the violin.  Sedryn’s young voice whispering “All done” when the violin stopped and asking daddy for “mor” milk.  Girls tucked around Mrs. Margaret lulled by the reading in her soft English accent.  A surprise date dancing on a Tuesday night.  These moments pass.

No quiet thanks for those beautiful moments.  No pen to count the ways He loves.

But redeemed (it’s my identity after all!).  These moments here.

Joanna shares this song on Facebook (that place I love for the way God uses, yet hate for the way it allows us to wear masks), this challenge bringing me back full circle.  “Don’t you want to thank someone?”

I pause.  Turn again.  Repent.  Won’t you do the same with me?  Pause… listen for a few minutes of Rest. (Or just don’t stop listening to it… over and over and over like I am doing to steady my wayward heart.)

Don’t you want to thank someone for this?

I know I want to. Join me?