On Why I Write

I know Quiet Graces is a little schizophrenic. One moment I’m posting sessions, the next I’m championing children in poverty, then I’m writing a series on seeing beauty in your everyday mess, and then I’m wishing my kiddos a happy birthday. Sometimes I feel like my readers have whiplash.

Here’s the truth: I used to have two blogs- a personal one and a business blog. They have been merged in this one space for a year now. I merged the two in obedience because I heard this clear call to live a one piece life. For me, storytelling with a pen or a camera serve the same purpose: capturing the glory of God.

There are days where I struggle with this schizophrenic feel to my space:
“Lord,” I whisper in the dark, “Why one space? Aren’t the business and the writing mixed hindering me?”
And He always says clearly, “It is not about you.
Leave it to my Father to silence me in just 5 words.

So I keep writing. The messy real of my everyday life mingles with the business of creating art for clients.

I am becoming transparent so that He can be seen.

Because when I boil my God-sized dream down to the core it is this: To assure those who feel like that they are an utter mess that their beauty is in their weakness. To whisper loud that God only uses broken people.

And whether I do that with type set on a screen or through an image of a worn and broken new mom who emptied herself for the tiny being in her hands really doesn’t matter to me. The vehicle doesn’t matter. It’s all under the umbrella of the dream.

My dream isn’t about me anyway: it’s about others seeing Him big in the work He’s called me to complete.