Aeralind and Bronwyn at 5 Years

My girls turn 5 today. I’m breathless with the weight of their childhood passing so fast despite the days (and nights) sometimes seeming to be so slow.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

I don’t have a lot of words about these sweet girls… but I do have a ton of photos. So let me tell you a little about each girl and then let the images speak.

A+B Five year-43

Aeralind Grace

My serious daughter. Love snuggles and affirmation. Introverted. Hilarious with her five year old logic. (“It’s okay, mama. We have to grow up. But when we do we’ll have babies and we’ll give you some to keep.”) Slowest eater on the planet. Perfectionist. Fearless on the bars at gymnastics. Daydreamer. Wants to know how the world works. Drinks life down with so much joy.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord


A+B Five year-7

A+B Five year-26

A+B Five year-31

A+B Five year-37

A+B Five year-45

A+B Five year-55



Bronwyn Hope

Vibrant. Serious leadership skills (“Mama, I just want to teach them how to play a new game, but they just won’t listen.”). Emotional. Dancer. Strong willed. Fierce hug giver. Learned to knit at 4 years old. Easy smile. Has never met a stranger and invites folks at the grocery store to her birthday party all the time. Compassionate: both of her siblings run to her for snuggles if they can’t find me.

Photo by Rachel Accord

Photo by Rachel Accord

A+B Five year-6

A+B Five year-48 A+B Five year-46 A+B Five year-34 A+B Five year-29 A+B Five year-23 A+B Five year-20


Our Photo Session

The girls and I spent a morning at Taylors Mill, Due South Coffee, and Lake Robinson to capture them as they are right now.  Then we finished with pizza with daddy.  It was a very special day. 🙂

A+B Five year-58

Our little foodies ordered shrimp and artichoke pizza. 😉

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