Sedryn Justice: Toddler Photography Taylors SC

Outdoor newborn photography in an apple orchard greenville sc

My little guy turned 3 last weekend.  Time… it’s so relentless.  I feel like he was born just yesterday… and now our “baby” is three.
Toddler Photographer Taylors SC
Like with his sister’s last month, I was able to spend a special morning out with him to just hang with him and photograph him.  As he is.  Right now.

So meet Sedryn Justice Colton: my meticulous little guy.



The world is his problem to solve and he will solve it… if he has “Baa Baa” with him.

Toddler Photographer Taylors SC

He can sit still for over an hour with a puzzle or legos, but can’t manage to stay sitting for any meal (without discipline)… unless it’s ice cream.


He likes to roar almost as much as he likes to “nuggle”.


I’m pretty sure this little dude completes our world

Sedryn-1-5And if he walks up to me looking like this again….

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with these in his hand just for me….